Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 What is GoldBean®?
    GoldBean® gets you started with investing by linking your spending history, brands you love and behavior of people like you to create your first portfolio. Every week GoldBean shares new ideas and helps demystify the foggy language of Wall Street. The GoldBean® Index even tells you when to buy and sell shares.
  • 2 What is the GoldBean® Index?
    The GoldBean® score or GoldBean® Index is a scale from 1 - 100 that ranks companies according to whether you should buy, hold or sell their stock. It’s our measure of value. The more value we see, the higher the score.
  • 3 How does GoldBean® make money?
    GoldBean® is a subscription-based service, charging users $50 a year for access to the community, education information and portfolio recommendations. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), GoldBean® provides you with direction, ideas and motivation.
  • 4 How do I make money?
    There are two ways to make money by investing in stocks. It's not just the difference between the price you bought and sold, known as capital appreciation. Many stocks also pay dividends to the owners of the stock. Dividends are income that is sent to you for being an owner. Capital appreciation + dividends = total return.
  • 5 Where is my money and who does the trading?
    GoldBean® educates and helps you build your portfolio. An RIA cannot trade stocks for their clients - we partner with Trade King, an accredited broker-dealer for that. You initiate all of your own buying and selling of stocks.
  • 6 What if I have other investment accounts?
    If you already have trading accounts set up, you're welcome to use the GoldBean® Index and community to get insights, ideas and education. Use this knowledge to then buy and sell through your existing account. Our service is the same whether you trade through us or not.
  • 7 How does GoldBean® have so much information?
    GoldBean® takes a broad look at what is going on in the world - not just financial information. We consider social media, brand surveys, research and our community as information sources.
  • 8 Do you store my bank login or credit card information? Can I set up a monthly deposit?
    GoldBean® uses the same backend technology as major financial institutions. GoldBean® does not store your bank login/password or credit card information on its servers. If you want to do a monthly deposit to your trading account, you can set up a direct debit deposit.
  • 9 Can I access my money if I need it? How quickly can I get my money?
    Stock is considered a liquid asset. Unlike a house, which sometimes takes months to sell before you receive your money - you can sell stocks as soon as you decide and the proceeds are converted to cash in your account within 24 hours.
  • 10 Can I open more than one account? What if I have more than one credit card I regularly use?
    The more information that you give, the better we can build a customized portfolio. When you sign up you can add multiple credit cards to your profile. We recommend only having one GoldBean® account.
  • 11 What if I don't see my bank on the list?
    We have relationships with over 17,000 financial institutions, so there is a good chance we have a relationship with your bank or credit card provider. If you don’t see it on our list, please email us at
  • 12 What if I use more cash than credit?
    We have lots of other ways to explore getting started with investing. You can look through the community for ideas. You can keep track of your own spending and search to see if the companies that you spend money with are publicly-traded companies.

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